Thursday, July 14, 2016

Betsy's Latest Blog Post - 4

Loved the Mystery Skype today.  What an amazing activity on so many levels.  I was thinking what a great culminating activity this could be for our fourth graders who spend much of the school year studying NH's geography, history, economy and wildlife.  Just the idea of connecting to students in another state is so enriching!

The 6 Word Story is creative writing at its best! In order to write one, many thinking and writing skills need to be applied by the writer. Word choice.  Deleting unnecessary words. Cutting down to the heart of the "story."  The best ones require the reader to infer. I am thinking that next year, after sixth graders publish their longer memoir pieces, why not have students additionally write them in the form of a 6 Word Story? It would be a great way for students to reflect on the real meaning of the story and showcase it in a different medium.

I enjoyed combining forces with Linda Rief and her students. I admit that I secretly listened to the tweet and tweetdeck explanations, so I could benefit from additional reinforcement and say to myself, "Yes, I get it. I did that already! Go me!" I was reminded how sometimes our students also need to hear directions or strategies repeated, or modeled in a new way.  I certainly feel very differently today than I did on Monday about tweeting.  Some students undoubtedly feel the same way about finding the lowest common denominator or finding the main idea of a challenging text.  New technology has forced me to be a learner.

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