Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blog Post 3

It is the end of Day 3. The TweetDeck is a running record of sorts, teeming with the world outside the small circle of my life!  Tweeting is getting more familiar, and I am still amazed by the power of it! I can see how folks can be totally addicted to it. Instant gratification!

As a reading specialist, I love the idea of the Global Read Aloud.  I would love to collaborate with our school's librarian on this. What an opportunity to connect with other readers around the world. Another idea is to combine a book study group at school with blogging; this would eliminate folks having to stay after school to hold book discussions!  Hmmmm, I know we have multiple copies of Still Learning to Read by Franki Sibberson in the building!

TodaysMeet was such a fabulous tool for taking notes. The TED talk Happy Maps was so inspiring! I found myself captured by this video and its message about life.  I wonder if  Frommer's travel books include a happy map!!  I wish my GPS (I know, I know, I should be using Google Maps on my cell.) would lead me along the happy map, as well! 


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