Friday, July 15, 2016

Final Post for Best Practice in Literacy Ed. with Tech

Rachel and fellow UNHLit students...
This week has been transforming! The sources of information shared with us is a gold mine!  Rachel Small, you are my hero! Thank you for your instruction and activities that at times, did stress me out, I have to be honest. What was most frustrating was how often I was missing one small, yet important step or detail that would ultimately thwart the success of my posting! I am thrilled to report that I got over these detours and can proudly consider myself a Tweeter.  The potential of this technology is limitless.

Another wonderful source was the book, Amplify (Katie Muhtaris and Kristin Ziemke.) It was user-friendly (just as all technology should) and extremely useful. The Three Things to Try Tomorrow was just great and provided choices of easy lessons to implement. I love how the authors suggested. "committing to discovering one new thing each quarter."

I loved the daily tweeting to the authors of Amplify.  Such an authentic way to practice the tips we learned each day.  Setting up a blog was something I have wanted to do, so thank you!  

To Share/Try next year:
Global Read Aloud, Blogger, Padlet, Twitter, PearDeck & TodaysMeet, Mystery Skype, EdCamps
So exciting! See you all on the TweetDeck

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